Bamboozle Hosted Exchange helps you increase user productivity and keep your organization safe, while maintaining the control you need.

Hosted in the UAE


Business Class Email with all Enterprise class features you would not expect for that price.


All your appointments in one place. Shared or personal – you will never be late again.


Manage all your contacts – company wide for optimal business benefits.


Manage all your To-Dos centrally and share them with others. Collaboration redefined.

Work smarter, anywhere

Bamboozle Hosted Exchange lets you accomplish more with a rich, business-class email experience on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web.

  • Enjoy enterprise email capabilities with bigger and more reliable mailboxes
  • Experience better collaboration with document sharing
  • Add enhanced archiving, security, and compliance features

Exchange lets you tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures that your communications are always available, while you remain in control. 

Do more on any device

Bamboozle Hosted Exchange helps you be more productive by helping you manage increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices and work together more effectively as teams. With an inbox that focuses on the relevant and important messages and sets up rules that match how you work, you can get more done, faster. With a group inbox, calendar, and conversation, your teams can self-organize and keep work moving forward.

Access content, conversations, tasks, or schedules from your devices, using the Outlook app for iOS and Android or Outlook on the web.

Protect your organization

Exchange helps protect business communication and sensitive information, simplifying internal and regulatory compliance. Built-in defenses against viruses, spam, and phishing attacks actively protect your communications. Data loss prevention features identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis, and Policy Tips in Outlook inform users about policy violations before sensitive data is sent.

Highly Flexible

Our different Package include even more features. 

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