Badr Airlines, is an airline based in Khartoum, Sudan, operating cargo and passenger air services for humanitarian aid missions,and chartered VIP flights. Its main bases are Khartoum International Airport and Sharjah International Airport.[1] The airline has an international office at Sharjah Free Zone (SAIF-Zone). Its European office is being established at Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany. Badr Airlines provides a wide range of logistical support functions throughout Sudan through its partner, African Logistic Support Service (ALS).

When Badr Airlines was looking for a provider, that could support its Website, Billing and Booking System, eMail Solution, File sharing and Databases with highest standards and security they turned to Bamboozle and its Frontline Partner AEServer, both combined leading the Domain, Web and Cloud market in the UAE.

Bamboozle established a highly redundant environment so Badr can focus on their business when it happens, while having an easy to manage interface for their staff worldwide to use and manage. Badr also uses Bamboozles DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) to replicate their data to their European Datacenter so business is guaranteed to be online 24/7. This allows to move instantly to the instance abroad ensuring Business Continuity in case error appear on the main site in Dubai or international connectivity is limited or even down.


AEServer and Bamboozle – The right choice for Cloud.