Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Best Performance

Highest Security

Bare Metal Servers in the UAE

High-performance bare metal servers with flexible configurable
options to meet any workload need


Bamboozle Dedicated Bare Metal servers provide power for processor- and disk I/O-intensive workloads. Configure the hardware to exact specifications via our portal. All our Servers come with 24/7 support to ensure your business critical applications run smoothly.

Single Tenant

A bare metal server dedicated to customers for complete control, flexibility, and security.

Pure Power

From single processor 6-core architectures to dual-processor 12-core architectures and up to 512GB RAM.

Customize everything

Choose a processor that best meets your performance needs. Upgrade from the base configuration to fine tune the hardware for your workload.

Grow your Storage

Up to 24 drives per server. 480GB to 960GB SSDs. HDDs from 600GB to 4TB.

Bare Metal done right

Bare Metal is not Bare Metal. We provide Enterprise Class Servers, Networking and Support enabling our clients for true Enterprise solutions.

Enjoy total control, true isolation and maximum performance powered by Bamboozle’s high-performance Arista based networks. They are delivered with Enterprise  hardware for true isolation from other users. Dedicated network ports and real-time deployment with rapid orchestration gives you the power and control you really need.

All Servers use Enterprise Grade Hard Drives and Solid State Drives (SSDs), redundant Network Connections and Redundant Power Supplies for highest availability.

Its all about choice

Configure your server exactly to your needs and choose of the key Operating Systems available. Need something else ? Contact us and we make it work for you.

Easy management with no limits

Each Bare Metal Server comes with full access and our integrated Management console, ensuring everything is under control at all times.

Everything in one place – manage your Bare Metal Server like a Virtual Machine with all features in one, easy to use Dashboard.

But there is more.

Expert Support

Our team are experts from Europe and the United States. We understand issues and solve them. Simply better and faster support.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Choose your line speed and never worry about high Bandwidth costs again. Unlike others we always give you unlimited transfers.

Some of our Bare Metal Clients

Expect more

Bamboozle realMetal Bare metal servers are simply the better choice for your applications. PCI DSS, HIPPA, ISO certifications make sure your project runs smooth and secure.

High Security

All our Servers are build with redundant components to secure your application from failures. Combined with optional Load Balancing, Firewall and Application Delivery we make sure you are never down.

Hardware RAID

We offer only Hardware RAID for our Bare Metal Servers. Unlike Software RAID it is secure, flexible and not just a tick on low end offerings.

Bamboozle Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Configure your Bare Metal Dedicated Server  to your needs.  For annual Subscriptions we grant 2 months free of charge.

Single Socket Intel XEON E3-Series Server

Starting from
AED 390 per month

Ideal for: Entry-level web hosting, cPanel & Plesk Web Servers, Simple email servers, HW Docker Nodes, Hadoop & Big Data Nodes

  • Single Socket Intel XEON E3 CPU
  • Up to 64GB RAM (min 8GB)
  • 2 HDD or SSD Slots
  • RAID 0 or 1 (Hardware RAID)
  • 5Mbps unmetered Bandwidth (up to 1Gbps)
  • 1 IP included (unlimited Private Networks)

Dual Socket Intel XEON E5-Series Server

Starting from
AED 1150 per Month

Ideal for: Hosting resellers, Moderately sized websites, Back-office applications, Enterprise Databases, Clusters, Large Mail Deployments

  • Dual Socket Intel XEON E5 CPU
  • Up to 512GB RAM (min 8GB)
  • 6 HDD or SSD Slots
  • RAID 0,1,5 or 6*
  • 5Mbps unmetered Bandwidth (up to 1Gbps)
  • 1 IP included (unlimited )Private Networks)